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Delivery Delay Update

Hi there,

Callum here, one of the co-founders of Dotgrid.

I hope you have all had a great Christmas!

As you are probably already aware, we are a small family-run company, primarily made up of a team of two, myself and my Uncle Steve. Steve both manufactures our products and ships all of the orders from our unit in Hertfordshire, while I deal with the website, advertising, ordering stock and customer support in Manchester – more than 200 miles away from the home of Dotgrid.

We have been shut over Christmas, and have quite a large backlog of orders that need fulfilling when we reopen.

Please be aware that this means it may take some time for us to get to your order. There are also significant shipping delays while the Royal Mail and other courier services are also trying to catch up with their increased workflow and in many cases, decreased workforce due to COVID-19. This is especially true with international orders.

We will get to your order as soon as possible, and hope to be back to normal operating times as soon as possible.

Kind regards,
Callum Chapman