Case Study: All-black Spot UV Notebooks for Kamino - Dotgrid

Case Study: All-black Spot UV Notebooks for Kamino

Kamino is a mobile app development studio who make awesome mobile products and apps with code and pixels! They approached us with a great project; all-black A5 wirebound notebooks, Spot UV covers with custom mobile templates on the inner pages.

Here they are...

We asked Kamino what they thought of their recent Dotgrid experience…

Were you pleased with your custom notebooks?
We couldn’t believe our eyes when we got them!

Did any particular area impress you?
Throughout the entire process! From when we first reached out to delivery. We felt heard, helped and guided through the process the whole time. Even when we had weird questions.

Were your team please with the results?
They freaked out. We got a comment that this is the single most beautiful piece of cellulose they have seen.

Finally, describe your experience in 3 words...
They said: Heard. Helped. Guided.

Looking for your own custom notebooks? We like a challenge! Get in touch for a free quote. 

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