About Dotgrid

Dotgrid is your silent partner, helping you bring your designs to life, make your goals actionable, and success achievable.

The modern world has enough clutter. Too many distractions. To really get things done, sometimes you need nothing more than headphones, a pen, and a notebook.

That sensation of cracking open a new notebook for the first time, or committing your tasks to a new weekly planner - the paper patiently waits, inviting you to share your thoughts and creations. As you commit your inner workings to the page, it’s like a personal bond is formed.

Dotgrid was founded by Callum Chapman, an interface designer, and his uncle Steve, a printer, in October 2012. The goal was simple: to bring high quality workspace accessories to the UK market. A family-run business, our roots are in dot grid notebooks, notepads, and premium paper.

Being founded by a designer means that designers are in Dotgrid’s DNA. From artists and bullet journalists to people who simply enjoy writing lists, Dotgrid is proud to serve and represent creative minds everywhere.

Our mission is to unlock your full creativity.

Our customers include freelance designers, studios, established companies including Dribbble and Zoopla, startups - and you…?